About Reserved Asset Paths

We recommend assets be stored in assets subdirectories that are unlikely to collide with other uses. We recommend some path name conventions and list some paths already reserved for specific usage.

# Conventions

We recommend creating a new page to hold the Assets plugin for each new collection. Configure this plugin to store and share assets from a subdirectory of 'pages' named by the page title's slug as it often appears in the location bar.

If this page were to describe a collection of assets, we would configure the Assets plugin with 'pages' and 'about-reserved-asset-paths'.


# Reservations

The wiki-server reserves 'home' for assets related to a customized home page.


Wiki plugins reserve paths constructed from 'plugins' and the plugin type name in lower case. For example, the Image plugin might manage large image assets in 'plugins/image' where it would follow its own rules to avoid collisions.